GEI not only trains you butalso provides you with a ready base business networkingplatform consisting of buyers, sellers, service providers, agents and financers/partners. This enables the participants to create a launch pad for their startups or enhance their business further.

Export Import Business Training 
Hyderabad: 02-03-04th Feb 2018 (Batch 136)


This course gives you thorough insight into the processes involved in Export Import Trading

  • Trained > 5000  entrepreneurs in 130 batches during  last 7 years
  • More than 50% are into real business of Export / Import  
  • Celebrated 3rd Anniversary and past  participants were given awards       for their outstanding  performance in Export and Imports 
  • Participants attended from    
    AP, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, HP, MP,  UP,
         Bihar, Orissa and various part  of India
  • International participants
    from SUDAN, Canada, Dubai, Denmark, US    
         &  Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Italy, CzechRepulblic,
         Australia, NZ, Euthopia, UK , Tanzania & Malaysia


M.B.A./ C.A./ Doctors/ Engineering Students/ Managers & Executives from Export-Import Firms/ Businessmen/ Industrialists/ Customs House Agents/ Shipping Line Agents/ Retired Employees/ Manufacturers/Traders​/ Budding Entrepreneurs and more




Export Import Business Training 
Vijayawada: 26-27-28 Feb 2018 (Batch 140)
Exclusively For KL University Students 


Many Micro, Small and Medium entrepreneurs want to venture into Exports-Imports. The main challenge is “How to Start Exports “, “Where is the Market  for our products”, “How to search Buyers”, “How to Approach Buyers”, “How to price my product”, “On what terms should I discuss the deal”, "How to get order”, Once I get order, “How to execute export order”, and “How to get back my money safely”. There are many such questions in the minds of the start-ups.  Global EXIM has designed a special capsule course to teach the entrepreneurs on " how to start Export Import Business" in a feasible way  

Export Import Business Training 
Hyderabad: 19-20-21st Feb 2018 (Batch 138)
Exclusively For Sphoorthy Engineering College Students 



  • Registration: Prop /Partnership/ Pvt Ltd 
  • GST Registrations 
  • IEC - (Export Licence), RCMC registrations
  • Logo, Business Cards, Website Designing,         Corporate Stationery etc
  • EPCG Licence / Advance Licenses etc

After the course, the participant is given thorough assistance while venturing out in the field of trading.

Who all are joining us

Upcoming  EXPORT-IMPORT Workshops in February 2018

We've executives from different areas teaching you their area of expertise. So, You get to learn from experts themselves.




We believe in open and friendly interactive session followed by every session, which helps the participants learn better

Export Import Business Training 
Bellary: 23-24-25th Feb 2018  (Batch 139)

Exclusively For Bellary Chamber of Commerce 

​​Export Import